Abstract Submission

Abstract Acceptance Start and End Date : Between March 15, 2023 and September 18, 2023

Announcement of Accepted Papers: 25 September 2023

Deadline for Full Text Submission : 30 October 2023

Online submission of papers via Nutuva Summary Management System is the only valid form of application. Papers sent via e-mail and post regardless of the system will not be accepted.

Paper Format

● General
○ The official languages of the congress are Turkish and English; All abstracts should be uploaded to the system in Turkish and English (özet and abstract). Full text papers should be prepared in Turkish or English. Paper presentations will be made in Turkish or English.
○ Abstract should be prepared in the range of 300-500 words. The full text should be prepared at least six pages including the bibliography.
It can be submitted online as 'poster and oral paper' through Nutuva Abstract Management System until the deadline
○ All proceedings will be reviewed and scored by the double-blind referee.

● Oral Presentations
○ Congress sessions will be planned for the presentation of papers on similar topics. Therefore, submitting the abstract after choosing the 'Appropriate Category' for your work during the submission is necessary to organize a fluent scientific program. Please follow the abstract submission guidelines; The online summary management system will guide you.
○ The duration of the congress sessions is determined as 10 minutes (eight minutes of presentation and two minutes of question and answer) for each paper presentation.

● Poster Presentations
○ Posters should be prepared as a single page with dimensions of 80 cm (width) x 120 cm (height) or 1080 X 1920 pixels.
○ The title of the study, the names and addresses of the authors should be at the top of the poster presentations.
○ Posters should include the following sections: Introduction, Method, Results and Conclusion.

Paper Submission Rules and Guidelines
1. Participants can “co-author” up to three papers, but can only submit one paper.
2. Authors should provide information about any potential personal or joint potential conflicts of interest at the time of submission
3. Approval of all co-authors must be obtained before the paper is submitted. If the author who will make the presentation is not approved for the congress registration, the abstract text will be automatically removed from the scientific program and the person who sent the abstract will not be allowed to make a presentation
4. With the submission of the paper, it is accepted that the researcher/researchers have confirmed that the study has not been previously published (printed or electronic) or presented at another scientific meeting.

● Full Text Rules
○ Full text format spelling rules will be written according to APA.
○ For those who want to upload full text for accepted abstracts, you can upload full text in word file format by clicking the "My Papers" section on the control panel and upload full text within the relevant date.

All authors must accept the following conditions during abstracts submittion.
1. The World Medical Association undertakes that any study with human or animal subjects that reports this in the abstract conforms to the principles of experimental procedure in the Declaration of Helsinki. It also states that the study in question has been approved by any institutional review board, institutional ethics committee, or equivalent.
2. Confirms that the work has not been previously published (in print or electronically) and/or presented elsewhere.
3. If the presenting author is not approved for the congress registration, the abstract will be automatically removed from the scientific program and its presentation will not be allowed.